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Episode 164: Buck Sessoms, Part 1

Buck Sessoms and Paul graduated from St. Christopher’s together and share a common bond in that they both served in the United States Military. In Part 1 of this podcast, Buck tells Paul how he got his name and they talked about his fondest memories of St. Christopher’s. They talked about him attending VMI, the brutal first year as a “rat” and how he lacked motivation and was on some form of probation most of his first two and a half years there. Buck said he found the motivation and new levels of desire and maturity in his last two years at VMI and mentioned that his education at St. Chris was a key to his latter college success. Buck joined the United States Marine Corps in 1992 and they discussed his USMC career and how he first served as an enlisted Infantryman and later became a helicopter pilot and an officer. Part 2 will be released Thursday.

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