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Episode 160: Rob Stiles

Rob Stiles, possibly the first guest with three first names, joins Paul and Silent (?) Rob on the podcast. Paul and the two Rob’s all grew up in Ashland and have known each other since they were kids. Rob lived a couple places in town, but spent most of his time on Caroline St. near the Randolph-Macon campus which became his “playground” growing up. Paul and Rob first talked about his dad. Rob described his dad as a great man, a simple man, a local fixture around town (especially as a runner) and one who taught Rob and his sisters the Golden Rule. They talked about his friends growing up and how they still keep in touch. They discussed sports at different times from the state of recreation sports to professional sports. Rob attended Hanover Academy and then attended Liberty Middle and Patrick Henry HS. After attending Hanover Academy, Rob and Paul discussed the culture shock of Liberty and going to public school. They talked about Rob’s college journey and his career. They finished by talking about Rob’s wife Sharon and their sons George and Ethan and Rob added the “how we met” story for him and Sharon.

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