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Episode 159: Edouard Asmar

Edouard “Edy” Asmar works with Paul and this episode took two tries due to a bad storm which cut out communications the first time they tried to chat. Edy was born in Washington, DC and says he is “a DC guy through and through”. He has a great deal of exposure to different cultures mostly due to travel opportunities because of his mom’s work. He lived in Ecuador for the first 3-4 years of his life and continued to travel with her throughout his childhood. He and Paul discussed his favorite place he visited as well as his favorite thing to visit in certain countries. They discussed Edy’s view on academics, his likes and dislikes and how some kids didn’t like the fact that he didn’t study for standardized tests - which he did extremely well on. He only applied to Stanford and Cambridge for college. He ended up attending Stanford, but told an interesting story about the application process at Cambridge. They finished by talking about his mom and dad and his girlfriend, JJ.

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