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Episode 155: Buzz Anthony

National Champion and National Player of the Year Buzz Anthony joins Paul on the podcast. Paul first told Buzz a story about when he attended the NCAA Elite 8 game this year and Buzz in turn told Paul what his given name is and why he is called Buzz. Buzz is from Annapolis, Md., his parents (Belinda and Don - they have other names as well) were both athletes and his two main sports growing up were soccer and basketball. Paul gave Buzz some choices and asked him which was his favorite thing to do on the basketball court.  Buzz answered and then spoke about the way he always trained for the next level, his respect for the game and what his purpose is every time he steps on the court. The discussed Buzz’s recruitment process and the reasons he chose RMC. One of the main reasons was Coach Josh Merkel (Episode 154.) They talked about Buzz’s RMC career as a player, a leader and how he holds a distinction that has never been accomplished in the Old Dominion Athletic Conference. Buzz reminisced about the 2022 ODAC and National Championships and he told Paul where his future may lead him. They finished by talking about his wife Becca, their journey and an upcoming milestone for the both of them.

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