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Episode 149: Andy Smith

Andy Smith was Paul’s 8th grade English teacher and basketball coach. Andy grew up in the lower east side of Manhattan, but came south for his education at Johns Hopkins, UNC and VCU. He played soccer all four years at JHU and also played a less well known sport his first year. That move south eventually led him to settle in the Richmond area and start a forty-eight year career in education as a teacher, coach and administrator at St. Christopher’s. Paul and Andy talked about his approach to teaching as well as the concept of single sex education. Andy is about to retire and they discussed his future plans to continue and develop his dedication to being of service to his fellow man. He also said he’s got one purchase he is going to make that will help him fulfill a goal his parents got him started on over sixty years ago. They finished by talking about fond memories that Andy had of a student and peers as well as Andy dropping a pearl of wisdom for future teachers.

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