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Episode 148: Jock Jones

Jock Jones joins the podcast through a friendship with Tim Sutton (Episode #130). Jock is from Hanover County and is a well known athlete in Hanover from his days playing at Mechanicsville High School. Jock told Paul about a very rough beginning to his life and how he got his unique first name and why. Jock talked to Paul about growing up playing sports, riding his bike quite a ways to school and playing in the rural areas of Hanover. Jock remembers telling people he would play in the NFL as early as eight or nine years old. Jock was a star running back in high school and went on to play college at Virginia Tech where he played RB his first year and then converted to linebacker his last 3 years. He was drafted by the Cleveland Browns and played for them and the Cardinals until an injury cut his career short. His second year at Cleveland, he told Paul who his head coach and defensive coordinator were. They are considered two of the best coaches of all time, one in the NFL and one in college. Paul and Jock finished up by talking about his family.

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