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Episode 145: Jeff Uerz

Jeff Uerz comes to the podcast via Paul’s father-in-law Al Draper. Jeff is from upstate New York and grew up hunting, fishing and trapping. Jeff told Paul that this led him to having a particular type of transportation before he even had a car. He also told Paul about a particular skill that he and his high school classmates were required to have before they were allowed to graduate. Jeff knew pretty early that he wanted to work as a state Game Warden. He looked for jobs across the United States and Virginia was the first agency to call. Jeff worked for the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries for twenty-seven years, rose through the ranks and was appointed Chief of Law Enforcement at the very young age of thirty-five. Jeff was in that role for fifteen years, retired at age fifty and has been serving people in a different way ever since. Jeff, through his church, serves those in need of food, shelter and compassion and loves to cook for various church events. Jeff finished by taking about his family, wife Maureen and kids, Jennifer and Christopher.

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