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Episode 143: Matt Pulisic

Matt Pulisic grew up in Long Island, NY and had a great time growing up in a small neighborhood playing all the sports. Matt’s father immigrated to the United States from Yugoslavia (now Croatia) and met his mom at a dance in NY City. Family was a very important part of Matt’s life growing up - large family gatherings and lots of good food, mostly from his Italian mother’s side! Matt’s best sport was soccer and it brought him south to Randolph-Macon College where he had an interesting recruiting weekend trip. Paul and Matt talked about RMC from the culture change he experienced upon arriving to how he is still involved to this day. They also discussed Matt’s education, career choice and turning his career and passion into becoming an entrepreneur. They also talked about how Matt and brothers still maintain a unique connection to their dad’s place of birth. Matt finished by talking about his wife Jen and their four children, Thomas, Joe, William and Allison.

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