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Episode 142: Matt Goff

Matt Goff joins the podcast courtesy of Paul working with his sister. Matt is from northern Virginia and played all sports growing up and then mainly focused on football, wrestling and soccer in high school.  He faced another podcast guest several times during their high school careers (hint - episode #133.) Matt went to JMU where he played football and majored in Sports Management.  This led to internships with the NCAA, the Detroit Lions and jobs at American University, the U.S. Naval Academy and currently at Virginia Tech where he is a Major Gift Fund Raiser.  Paul and Kevin talked to Matt about what a typical work week is like and what skills you need to do the job. They discussed Enter Sandman, why VT has an advantage over UVA in their football rivalry towards the end. Matt also gave some sage advice to young people about a lost skill that is needed for most of today’s jobs. They also discussed the effects that the transfer portal and the new name, image, likeness issue has had on the athletes and college sports. They ended with Matt talking about his wife Chelsea, kids Camden and Kinsley (+ one due in August) and why they love Blacksburg.

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