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Episode 141: Robert Pratt

Robert Pratt was born in NY, but moved to Richmond at a very young age. Robert played all sports growing up and he particularly loved baseball as a kid.  He even had a future Supreme Court Justice as his little league baseball coach one year. He went to St. Christopher’s for high school where he excelled in football and went on to play college football at UNC. Paul and Robert reminisced about St. Christopher’s and he told Paul what it was like to play college football in the early 1970’s. Robert was drafted in 1974 by the Baltimore Colts and played for the Colts from 1974-1981 and the Seattle Seahawks from 1982-1985. He played 170 NFL games (started 150). Robert is the owner of Sycamore Creek Golf Club and ended by telling Paul about his family. Robert is married to Jane and they have three kids (Beau, Liz and Caroline) and four grand children.

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