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Episode 132: Ali Gustavson and Sidney Campbell - American Bald Eagle Foundation

Ali Gustavson and Sidney Campbell join the podcast via Paul knowing Ali’s dad, Gary. Ali and Sidney both work for the American Bald Eagle Foundation in Haines, Alaska. They discussed each of their backgrounds and how they found their way to the ABEF. Paul talked to Sidney and Ali about their roles at the ABEF and what a normal work day looks like for the two of them. They talked about the mission of the ABEF, what it’s like to live in Alaska and the effect the pandemic on them personally and on the ABEF. They finished by telling Paul all the ways that people can support the American Bald Eagle Foundation. To learn more or to donate, visit baldeagles.org. (pictured R to L - Ali, Sidney and Hans the Eurasian Eagle Owl)

Stories From the Center of the Universe™ 2021