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Episode 13: A Versatile Contributor

Tony Szymendera is the Varsity Baseball coach and Head of Upper School for St Christophers Boys School in Richmond. In our conversation, Tony shares his thoughts about St Christophers' ongoing journey of adapting to distance learning, and the challenges and opportunities it presents. He also talks about his path to becoming an educator and coach, and imparts some wisdom from his 25 years of coaching baseball. Finally, Tony shared his memories of Tad DuPriest and Brad Parrish, dear friends to each other and alumni of St Christophers, both of whom tragically passed away a year apart, and far before their time. Tad's Friends and Family later started Tad's Kids, a nonprofit dedicated to honoring his life and serving children. To read more about what they do and donate, visit https://tadskids.org.

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