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Episode 102: Tina Ramirez for Congress

Tina Ramirez joins the podcast courtesy of Jennifer Stevens (Episode #101). Tina grew up in Powhatan, Va. until she was 8 and then she and her family moved to California.  Her dad’s family was from California and she attended middle and high school while there. Tina said she was church kid growing up and participated in a lot of service oriented activities.

She continued this service oriented life as an adult. She studied International Human Rights and has worked in Washington, D.C. and in over thirty countries. She has spent most of her professional career defending human rights and founded her own company in 2013.  Tina entered the political arena and ran for the Republican nomination for Virginia District 7 (U.S. House of Representatives) in 2020. Even though she didn’t win, Tina ran a strong campaign and is running again in the 2022 election.

Tina and Paul discussed stories from her time overseas and they also touched on Tina’s stance on various political issues. One they discussed is Critical Race Theory being taught in Virginia public schools.  She is against this and stated that is essentially a reversal of Martin Luther King’s message.  Paul and Tina finished by talking about her parents, her three siblings (all whom she admires) and most importantly, her 6 year old daughter Abigail.

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