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Episode 101: Jennifer Stevens

Jennifer Stevens was born and raised in New Orleans and has fond memories of growing up there.  She stated that she came up in the criminal justice system because her dad was a judge and her mom worked in a District Attorney’s office. Jennifer had a fun time in high school and also did  so well that she was able to skip her junior year.

At sixteen, Jennifer emancipated herself from her parents. She said the process was extensive and she worked three jobs to prove that she could support herself. After high school, she went to community college and did an internship at a prison.  She then got married and a business opportunity with her then husband brought them to Richmond, Virginia.

Jennifer discussed the business and all the ups and downs that came with owning your own business. During this time, Jennifer got divorced and became a single parent to Triston and Chance.  She later talked about her husband Jay, their daughter Harlee, how she found Christianity and she ended by offering some sage advice to SFTCOTU listeners.

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